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Flavours of Kumarakom

Lake Vembanad is the habitat for some fascinating marine life. The many species of freshwater fish here include the Karimeen (Pearl Spot), shrimp and prawns. The delicious dishes prepared with these fishes are favourites in Keralite households. To name a few, there is the spicy red prawn curry, prawn fry and the Karimeen pollichathu (Pearl Spot marinated with masala and spices, enfolded in a banana leaf and baked). Kappa (mashed tapioca) with fish curry is an all-time favourite combination dish of the Keralite.

Like elsewhere in Kerala, puttu, dosa, idli and appam – all made of rice powder – are some of the typical breakfast dishes in Kumarakom households. Vegetable or meat stew flavoured with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon is a favourite curry and the beef olarthiyathu is a favourite side-dish. Meals are usually served in banana leaves. For the tourist, the duck roast, the payasam (traditional dessert) and fresh toddy are worth trying.

Cheppad is a picturesque village in Alappuzha, Kerala. This village has a vibrant agrarian life with most of the people employed in farming. At Cheppad you may come across the real life visuals of a rural society with the people engaged in various farming activities and the surroundings of breathtaking beauty.

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