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Visit to Farmers' Houses

What awaits you next is a visit to a farmer’s house in Manchadikari.  A few farmers owning land more than two acres have been working closely with the RT programmes in order to offer this experience to the tourist.  

The tourists can observe at close quarters the traditional farming life in a Kerala village and get first-hand knowledge of subjects like organic farming and livestock farming. If you are the adventurous sort, you could even try your hand at some of the activities like milking the cows. Drinking fresh, warm milk straight from the farm is sure to be an experience.
There are two vast ponds in the farm, from where the farmer, on request, will catch fish and fry them for the guests. The guests can also angle in the ponds and learn the basics of slightly more complicated activities like toddy tapping, and coconut palm leaf weaving and screw pine weaving. 

Another rickshaw ride from here takes you to another farmer’s house, where you will be welcomed with a tender coconut drink. Apart from paddy cultivation, this farmer also has fish ponds sprawled over acres of land. A wide variety of fishes, including the Pearl Spot, are seen in the ponds. Almost all the locally grown vegetables are available here, and they have been grown without the application of any chemical fertilize.  Apart from the cattle, which includes the Kasaragodan variety of cows and the Jamna Pari variety of goats, hens, broiler ducks and cranes are also bred in the farm. 

A visit to another farm is the last part of the package. This farm and house is situated in front of a canal. A ride from the house to Mooleppadam, an emerging destination, by poling the canoe down the canal is offered in this package. Mooleppadam offers you lush green paddy fields and an abundant bird life. The expert oarsman who accompanies you to Moolepadam will take you to his house with its thatched roof. It is one of the traditional houses at Kumarakom.

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