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Paradise on Earth

Kumarakom - Paradise on Earth!

A labyrinth of backwaters with shimmering water, the brilliant green of mangrove forests, coconut palms lining the embankments, blue skies, flocks of migratory birds skimming the water – that is Kumarakom, a veritable dreamland!

Every year, more than seven million tourists visit Kerala, a place that the National Geographic Magazine has described as one of the must-see places in a lifetime.  Kumarakom is an important stopover for a majority of these tourists. This famous tourist backwater hub is a cluster of islands on the eastern banks of Lake Vembanad.

Compared to adjacent villages, the lake has its maximum length and breadth near Kumarakom - about eight km. With the huge lake on one side and with a network of calm canals running through it, Kumarakom, a masterpiece created by man and Nature together, enjoys a unique position on the map of Kerala.

Geographic and Demographic Details
Some Historic Details
In and around Kumarakom - Some Must-Sees and Must-Dos
Vembanadu - Kol Wetland Region: A Ramsar Site
Agricultural Activities in Kumarakom
Shell Mining in Kumarakom
What to do at Kumarakom
Ayurveda at Kumarakom
Local Administration in Kumarakom
Responsible Tourism- an Introduction
Responsible Tourism - Kumarakom Model
Places Worth Visiting near Kumarakom
Some Unsung Heroes of Kumarakom

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