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Paradise on Earth

Mythological and Historical References

The name Pathiramanal literally means ‘midnight sand’. According to legend, a famous Brahmin, Vilwamangalathu Swamiar, during a night boat ride through Lake Vembanad, wanted to ‘answer the call of Nature’. For this, he magically created the island, at night, from the lake; hence, the name.

History has a different story to tell. The island belonged to a landlord by the name of Parayi Tharakan. Bheemji Devji, a Gujarathi trader from Kochi, , purchased it from him. Later, Chevalier ACM Anthraper bought the land from the M/s. Bheemji Devji Trust of Cochin and took over the management of the coconut plantation there.

Fourteen families of labourers resided in the island during that time. With the enactment of the Land Reforms Act in the second half of the 20th century, the property came under the control of the government and was, later, handed over to the Department of Tourism. The 14 families were rehabilitated in Muhamma Panchayat and the island gradually became a haven for migratory birds.

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