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Paradise on Earth

Sculptures - An Overview

The museum displays 125 driftwood sculptures of superior artistic quality.

There is a very life-like crocodile with its terrifying teeth prominently shown, a hen grooming its chicks, a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch, a frog in the middle of a jump, a tortoise frozen in motion, a pregnant monkey, a dolphin, a dinosaur, a tribal woman, a handicapped family, a chimpanzee, birds and nests, a mushroom, an elephant, a bunch of flowers and buds, a chameleon, a hedgehog, a parrot, an owl, fishes and so on.

The exactness of the proportions of a bird with its beak open and that of a rose in bloom, with both inner and outer petals visible, fills one with awe. Natural eyeballs are seen in many sculptures including that of a rhinoceros and some birds.

A small driftwood snake park has been made with sculptures of pythons, cobras and other snakes. Some of the sculptures are based on contemporary themes like the Kargil War recently fought between India and Pakistan. There is also a sculpture of Jesus Christ and tea tables in the shape of S, U and Y. Many are so fossilized that they sound like drums when tapped.

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