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Participation of Villagers

The elected members are actively involved in the day-to-day affairs of the Panchayat. There are grama sabhas (village assemblies) in each ward - the smallest unit of self-government that ensures individual participation in policy making.

The Panchayat member is required to convene the grama sabha at least once in three months. These assemblies involving the local population of the ward diligently observe the administrative and development affairs and take action. The budgets, audit reports, policies and development projects of the Panchayat are actively discussed and debated upon in the grama sabha. Thus, transparency in administration and participation of the local community is ensured.

As in all the villages of Kerala, Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs) are formed in each ward in Kumarakom. There are about 98 NHGs in Kumarakom, each constituting about 50 families, which reside in close proximity. They act as a supporting structure for the grama sabha and play a crucial role in participatory democracy.

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