Bungalow Kadavu Museum

Bungalow Kadavu Museum

A building that hosted many English intellectuals and writers during the time of the British Raj, Bungalow Kadavu at Mathilakam has been taken over by the Muziris Heritage Project for conversion into a museum with the aim of conserving and promoting the history and heritage of the building. Renovations on the current structure have been completed. It will be converted into a museum in order to showcase the special features of the bungalow, through exhibitions and galleries.

The bungalow used to host officials of the East India Company and the Government of India, Collectors, Deputy Collectors and many such officials. The most prominent guests who stayed here include the eminent judge William Logan, author of The Malabar Manual, published in 1887, which is an authentic account of the Malabar district; Rhodes Morgan, the District Forest Officer of Malabar, who wrote the chapter on flora and fauna for the Manual; and Henry Conolly who was responsible for the development of the Conolly Canal.

The proposed museum adheres to two aspects – Conservation and Development. The Conservation largely focuses on the restoration of the architectural character of the building while the Development centres on the revival of the functional character of the building.

The galleries in the museum will give an overview of the British visitors, the bungalow, the contributions of Logan and the illustrations by Rhodes.

The above image is the outpost, part of Bungalow, used for collecting tax (Chungam).