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Tourism - Panchayat initiatives

The eco-development project in Thekkady was implemented in 1998. The project put forward a  sustainable tourism development model that can be followed in other parts of the country too. It ensured the participation of the tribal community and changed their lifestyle to exploit an eco-friendly tourism approach. Even after the completion of the project in 2004, the local self-government and the Kerala Tourism Promotion Council decided to continue the various programmes initiated under The Periyar Foundation.

Inspired by the success of the project at the initial stage itself, the local self-government of Kumily engaged more people in tourism-related activities and changed the mode of agriculture, the main source of income of the local population. Farmers changed their old cultivation and marketing methods and turned to new initiatives like farm tourism, plantation tourism, eco-tourism, spice tourism etc. Some local people began to offer home-stay facilities to tourists.

The involvement of the local people help tourists get better goods and services at lower rates while bringing them economic rewards.

Farm Tourism
Spice Tourism / Plantation Tourism

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