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Paradise on Earth

Benefits at a Glance

Economic growth:  The RT programme, in many ways mentioned in the above sections, helps villagers to reap the benefits of tourism.

Employment opportunities for the villagers: The various production units under the RT programme have not only provided a livelihood to the villagers, but have also instilled self-confidence in them and encouraged self-sufficiency.

Women empowerment: As described earlier, self-help groups of women play a crucial role in the RT activities.

Growth of agriculture and reclamation of wasteland:  The RT programmes encouraged agricultural activities and proved that it can be profitable even in a tourism-driven economy. The Responsible Tourism experiments brought many who had left farming in the wake of tourism, back to the agriculture sector.

Positive contributions to the conservation of nature: The NREGA programmes are being conducted in sync with the RT activities. One such activity nowadays (obvious to any tourist to the village) is that of people removing weeds from the waste ponds. Enabling these ponds for fish farming, converting the fallow land into cultivable land and many other environment-related activities add to the ecological enrichment of Kumarakom.

Comprehensive view on development: The development envisaged by RT is not restricted to any particular aspect, field, area or community. It addresses all the issues – be it economic, cultural, environmental or social– related to tourism and coordinates with the various sectors.

Introduction of social responsibility programmes: The community participation in the social responsibility programmes make the latter more effective.

Preparation of destination map and resource directory: These are prepared in connection with the RT programme as reliable guides which are of great use while implementing any development programme in the area.

Introduction of innovative tour packages: The packages like Village life experience at Kumarakom and A Day with Farmers help the tourists have a more enjoyable experience at Kumarakom while providing an economic boost to the villagers.

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