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RT and the Environment

Many environmental activities have been taken up by the Responsible Tourism programme in Kumarakom. The Kudumbasree units have started making eco-friendly bags with non-woven fabric and paper and efforts are on to make Kumarakom plastic-free. Destination cleaning groups of women (Parisara sevikas) have been set up in the village. They also collect waste from hotels and resorts and dispose it through eco-friendly methods using biogas or vermicompost plants. The move to eliminate plastic carry bags in Kumarakom is supported by the Grama Panchayat.

The RT authorities also support studies and surveys related to the environment in Kumarakom. These surveys help check the status of the ecological balance and act accordingly. For example, a study on waste ponds was conducted. Consequently, fish farming was undertaken in these ponds. Measures for the protection of the avian fauna were taken as a result of a study on the bird life at the sanctuary.

RT provides the vision and the direction for the preservation of the beautiful environment in and around Kumarakom. Strict rules have been implemented to keep plastic bags out of Kumarakom. The authorities are also planning to implement a programme called Zero waste Kumarakom, aiming to make the locality waste-free. Energy management and waste management for all the commercial establishments in the area, including the houseboats, have been made more eco-friendly. Organic farming and green practices have been encouraged. Special attention was given to the protection of mangrove forests and the efforts of those who try to preserve them were recognized.

Bicycle tourism is another novel attempt in Kumarakom planned under the Responsible Tourism programme.

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