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RT - Social Responsibility

A vigilant community adds to the tourism prospects of a locality. Understanding this, Kumarakom has set up a Community Tourism Safety Committee part of the social responsibility component of Responsible Tourism. The safety and security measures and tourism-related social issues are taken care of by the committee.

Various activities like local resource management, identification of new destinations within the locality with the help of local populace, training the local people on tourism-related activities, health management, conservation and popularization of local art and culture etc were also undertaken by the Responsible Tourism programme in Kumarakom. The programme coordinators also identified new destinations hitherto unexplored by the tourists and came up with different tour packages to help tourists explore Kumarakom in detail, keeping in mind the economic growth of the locality.

A cultural group called Suvarna, involving the housewives of the locality, was formed to perform traditional dance forms like Thiruvathira, Kolkali and Vattakkali for the tourists. Handicraft and painting units were encouraged.  A children’s shinkari melam group was also formed.

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