Jawahar Ghat

Jawahar Ghat fishing boats

Fishing boats at Jawahar Ghat

Jawahar Ghat or Azad Beach situated behind Thalassery Fort is of historical significance because of its association with the Indian National Freedom movement. In 1940 CE, Left-wing supporters within the Congress planned to organise a massive agitation on the seashore (Azad Beach) west of St Joseph’s School to protest against the oppression and brutal rule of the British government. In anticipation of the movement, the British government issued prohibition orders. Thousands of people lined up under the leadership of K. Damodaran, P. K. Krishnan and Madhavan. The British police and agitators had an encounter which led to firing and eventually the death of brave revolutionaries Abu Master and Chathukutty. Several others were sent to the prison.

In 1930 CE, the Salt March organised by Gandhiji had its effect on Malabar too. Thousands of volunteers joined the march from Kozhikkode to Payyannur. They received a rousing welcome at Thalassery under the leadership of Moyarath Sankaran and C. H. Govindan.