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Kurmasana - The Tortoise Pose

Kurmasana - The Tortoise Pose

Kurmasana or Tortoise Pose does not only make your body flexible but it also supports your health rejuvenates the nervous system due to the spinal stretch.

How to do Kurmasana?

  • Sit on the floor. Stretch your legs forward and then place them as wide apart as you can.
  • Inhale. Stretch your arms upward, over your head.
  • Raise your knees slightly, bending them.
  • Lower your stretched arms to either side and ensure that your palms face downward.
  • Turn your wrist to have your fingers pointing backward.
  • Now, slide your arms under your raised knees.
  • Your torso must be parallel to the ground at this point. Allow your head to touch the floor.
  • Gently stretch your legs to straighten your knees.