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Sirshasana - The Headstand

Sirshasana - The Headstand

Sirshasana strengthens the respiratory system and improves blood circulation. It enhances the powers of memory and concentration and good for your health.

How to do Sirshasana?

  • Sit back on your heels. Bend forward till your forearms can rest flat on the floor. Keep your elbows apart.
  • Interlock your fingers so that your hands form a cup.
  • Place the crown of your head on the floor. Let your palms support the back of your head.
  • Straighten your knees by raising your hip into the air. Ensure that your head and arms are still positioned firmly. 
  • Take small steps and move your feet towards your face. When your hips are over your head, your body should form an inverted ‘V’.
  • Relax your knees and lift your legs off the floor.
  • Again, ensure that your head and forearms are placed firmly on the floor. Now, lift your legs further till your feet point upwards.
  • Stand upside down this way for about 2 minutes. Relax your knees and slide down gently to the floor.