Akaparambu Sabor Aphroth church

​Mar Sabor and Mar Proth ChurchMar Sabor and Mar Proth Church located close to the Cochin International airport, was founded in CE 825 and renovated without losing its traditional elegance.  It is believed to have been set up by two noble souls, Sabor and Aphroth. 

The church itself is a model of the Kerala style of sculpture and has a number of murals of high quality.  A document written in 1760 says that the church was established in CE 825.  It also describes how the Angamaly church and the Akapparambu church partitioned the jointly held properties, with the result that the Akapparambu church came completely under the control of Puthen Kuttukar, known today as the Syro Malabar group of Catholics. This document signals probably the end of a prolonged dispute.