Edathua Church

St. George Church at Edathua was constructed by a group of believers who severed ties with Champakulam diocese in 1810. It is located on the banks of River Pamba, about 15 km south- east of Alappuzha. One of the statues here, made in the Persian artistic style, is believed to be several centuries old and brought here during the inception of Angamaly and Edappally churches.The idol of St. George is on the southern sankeerthi, on an altar decked with sculptures.

The festival starts on April 27 and the saint’s Feast is on May 7. The colorful procession, in which the entire population of Kuttanad participates, is beautiful to see. Even people from Tamil Nadu attend the festival. The service in Tamil is a specialty of the Feast day. St. George is depicted as a lean bearded middle-aged man. The horse that bears him is not tall, but has a long body, with ears held erect and folded legs. The Edathua Perunal is also a harvest festival coming when the harvest is over. The Saint is considered to offer protection to the people from the attack of snakes. Images of snakes, snake mound, the cock etc., made of gold or silver are the important offerings of the church.