Martha Mariam Chaldean Syrian Cathedral, Thrissur

The Martha Mariam Church, which is the headquarters of the Chaldean Syrian community, was established in 1814.  The church was constructed at the behest of 72 families that were brought by Sakthan Thampuran for trade and commercial activities from Arnattukara, Chettupuzha, Pazhuvil, Enammavu, and Vadakkan Puthukkad (Mullassery) in the 18th century. Trade centres in Thrissur came up mostly around the church. The group of markets around the church was the centre of gold business from very early times.Following the partition of churches in 1923, this church went to the Nestorian Bishop, Mar Timotheus (Abi Malek).  Later it became the headquarters of the Chaldean Bishop.

The glass lanterns hanging in rows within the church are imported ones. The two-tiered pulpit, that is as old as the church, is conserved.  The first deck is supported on a branch coming out of the mouth of the dragon.

The Feast of St. Timothy is celebrated on May 1 every year.  The offering on that day is a feast. This is one of the churches where service and the sacraments are conducted entirely in Syrian. The church’s library has a rich collection of Syrian books. Most significant among the collection is the book, "Kashkol" a book of prayers, written in 1570. This was written using a quail and ink, before printing started, and was used by Mar Abraham, the Metropolitan of Angamaly.