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Attamangalam St. John's Jacobite Church

During the early decades of the 19th century, the Jacobites of Kumarakom used to worship at the churches in Kottayam. They wanted to set up a church in their own village. In 1853, the Attamangalam St John’s Church was constructed. The patron saint is John, the Baptist, whose feast is held on January 7, the day of his martyrdom. Paintings of various holy men adorn the walls of the church with the most notable being that of Parumala Thirumeni, by the renowned painter, Raja Ravi Varma, of the Travancore royal family.

Some are of the view that the name of the church came from the place, Attathu parambu, where the church was located. Others say that the place surrounded by paddy fields was frequented by a bird called Atta. The singing of the Atta was locally known as ‘Attamangalam’; hence, the name.

The stone laying ceremony was led by the Malankara Metropolitan Mathews Mar Athanasius in 1853; he also blessed the church once the construction was over.  Though initially the roofing was done with weaved coconut fronds, it was changed later. Over the decades, the church has undergone many renovations.

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