Thalassery or Tellicherry, about 22 kms south of Kannur, is one of the thickly populated cities of North Malabar. The place is generously blessed with Nature's bounty. There is also a vibrant mix of culture, tradition and religion here, shaped by socio-political forces over the years.

Specialities of Thalassery in Kannur 

Thalassery has the exceptional honour of being mentioned in the 14th century writings of the legendary explorer Marco Polo. The place was the nerve centre of the pepper trade industry, and has been an important cultural and economic hub for centuries. During the British rule, pepper and cardamom trade reached its zenith, and the region became well known all over the world. Today it is known for a variety of other reasons as well. 

To begin with, Thalassery cuisine is renowned for its unique blend of natural flavours and spices. The distinctive ethnic fare is so rich that the taste lingers in the mouth, inspiring visitors to come back for more.

It is also famous for being a nerve centre of circus performances in Kerala. Keeleri Kunhikannan, who introduced many reforms in circus and gained fame as the father of Kerala Circus, belonged to Thalassery. He was instrumental in establishing the first Circus Institute in Kerala, which was also the second of its kind in the country. The place is also famous for its association with cricket too. First introduced by Colonel Arthur Wellesley, the first Thalassery Town Cricket Club was formed in 1860 and in 1912, a proper cricket pitch was laid in the town.